Brick or Stone Veneer to Metal or Wood Stud


A veneer anchoring system that helps keep the air barrier intact and the veneer in place for Steel Stud, Wood Stud, Masonry or Concrete Construction

For anchored veneers, the CTP-16 assembly should be applied for cavity wall construction of Level 1 institutional type and Level 2 industrial type buildings for seismic performance categories A through E. The CTP-16 system can be used with and without rigid insulation board and is ideal for spray foam insulation applications. The CTP-16 is recommended for optimum air barrier integrity. Recommended for veneer anchorage to metal stud, wood stud, masonry, and concrete substrates. Use in new construction or retrofit masonry applications. Contributes to green building construction and restoration projects.

The CTP-16 Veneer Anchor System is designed to meet or exceed relevant codes and building standards for veneer ties in the United States. The CTP-16 is a wire tie and plate combination system which provides adjustability, minimal free-play, strength, stiffness, positive connection, and corrosion resistance.



Using the CTP WT-Tie, the CTP-16 meets relevant seismic anchor qualifications. The anchor plate has been designed for mounting on the surface of sheathing or stud, and accommodates insulation board without puncture.The vertical orientation of the CTP-16 base plate assures good coverage of spray foam insulation. It prevents gaps found beneath horizontal plates, and doesn’t require secondary cleaning of spray.