CTP 516 Installation

The CTP-516 is a complete assembly that includes the CTP-16 plate and CTP WT-Tie plus a mechanical fastener (CTP-561022:carbon steel; or CTP-541022:stainless steel) capable of being applied to concrete and/or masonry structures.

Installation for Masonry & Concrete

Fastener Assembly for Masonry and Concrete,With or Without Insulation. Ideal for Brick Cladding to Any Concrete or Masonry Surface.


Torque Activated:50 – 100 in – lb •Hex Head Finish – Low Profile •Bolt Head Provides Inspection Source Low Profile Avoids Insulation or Tie Interference• Zinc Plated or Stainless Bolt with Brass Expanders •Fastener Preload ≥ Four Times Design Load

Note:Recommended minimum spacing of one tie per 2.67 square feet of wall area, spaced not more than 32” horizontal, and 25” vertical.