CTP 5801 Veneer Tie

** CTP 5801 Submittal Form **

Product Description

CTP's Adjustable veneer anchoring assemblies are engineered to allow new brick veners to be tied to existing masonry structures.

They can be used for virtually any cavity wall combination with or without insulation or with composite walls.  

The key to the the system is the use of high strength veneer tie assembly and a manufacturer recommended anchorage system to attach the new veneer to the existing wall.  The system provides for maximum long term performance and reliability of the tie.  The use of CTP fasteners eliminates common problems associated with self-tapping anchors such as thread stripping, quisionalbel clamping force or preload, performance sensitivity to hole size, etc.

The Fastener is fitted to the slotted base plate, allowing adjustment of the tie up to one brick course.  The tie is then embedded inthe mortar joint of the new brick veneer.  

Tie and plate are available in stainless steel finishes and packaged with the recommended brass anchor assembly.  



  • Provides maximum practical vertical and horizontal movement.
  • Comes pre-assembled and ready to install with the appropriate anchor.
  • Installs quickly and easily-drill hole, set anchor into existing wall, then tie into new veneer by imbedding in fresh mortar.
  • Base plate on some configurations can be extened to accomodate rigid insulation or large cavities. Ties hold insulation in place.  
  • The anchor is locked mechanically to the base material.  On-site quality control inspecition is easily performed.  
  • Can be installed in any masonry material such as brick, block, concrete, tile, stone where new facades are being added.  
  • Meets applicable ACl 530 code requirements.



Partial removal and replacement of masonry (typical of rehabilitating lintels, shelf angles, or corner replacement), or total wall reconstruction.  Typical back-up material can be block, brick, concrete, tile, stone, etc.


Installation Criteria

Drill a hole in back-up material.  Remove drill fines, insert anchor asembly and tighten bolt to 40 to 100in/lbs.



Anchoring Material  Maximum Tention Load (lbs.)
Concrete 2300
Hollow Block 1100
Brick 900
Mortar Joint 900
Steel 2000
Tile 700


Maximum of one (1) adjustable tie per 2.67sq.ft. of masonry