CTP Insulation Retainer Plate

Keeps Insulation Board Held Firmly to the Structure


Insulated cavity walls applied in masonry construction are anintegral part of the thermal efficiency of the building. The type ofinsulation and thickness affect the integrity of its “R” value. It isadvantageous to keep the insulation board or mat held firmly to thestructure to prevent unwanted air pockets or avoid condensationsources. By utilizing the CTP Insulation Retainer Plate with theCTP-16 Base Plate and CTPWall Tie, the insulation will be heldfirmly in place and the masonry will be secure.Conventional methods of using a triangle tie, pintle wall tie, orplastic wedges or clips as a means to hold the insulation in place isfraught with challenges. Although possible, the precision of the tieplacement relative to the insulation contact is daunting. The tieshave to be perfectly positioned for the size of insulation thickness,if not the insulation is loose. Also, this contact with the tie restrictsthe wall tie’s ability to accommodate in-plane wall movement.


  • Made in America
  • Does not require perfectalignment with tie
  • Tie is free to move in plane
  • Large contact area
  • Easy to handle
  • Irregular surface retention
  • Installs independent of tie
  • Can be used at seams
  • Identifiable for inspection purposes
  • No local crushing of insulation
  • Use with ANY insulationthickness combination andappropriate CTP-16 Base Plate
  • Does not rely on tie orpintle contact

The CTP Insulation Retainer Plate will also allow for stackedinsulation board to be intimately connected with the back-up.This will let the insulation board thickness be optimized based oninsulation needs rather than wall tie designs.The CTP Insulation Retainer Plate is an effective way tomechanically retain board or mat insulation products to a back-upmaterial, even if it has an irregular surface. It is simply pushed onby hand until the desired contact resistance is met. The metalretainer creates a positive retention force of 45 lbs on the board ormat surface without the use of “glues”. The CTP InsulationRetainer Plate provides over 10 sq inches of contact area whichminimizes the crushing event of the insulation compared to othertype retainer methods. It can also be used at seams or whereboards intersect at the tie. It is available in a stainless steel orgalvanized steel to be compatible with the CTP-16 Base Plate finish.