Stone Anchors

Installing stone panels to a parent structure of masonry, concrete, or stud, requires the use of an anchoring method to attach the stone to the back-up.

  • Dimensional stone anchoring typically involves the manufacturing of custom anchors. CTP offers a product line of common stone anchor types used for the retention of Terra Cotta and stone panels. 
  • All the crimp anchors are manufactured of ASTM type 304 stainless steel strap and are typically used to resist wind load and support stone panels. 
  • Stone anchors for limestone, granite, marble, travertine, etc are available as Split Tail types (with 2” split-tails for Terra Cotta and 1” split-tails are stock) used as a common wind load anchor
  •  L shaped straps with holes for attachment to the back-up material and to accommodate a stainless dowel (as typically found in Cap Stone applications) 
  • Z type anchors with a hole for back-up attachment (masonry to masonry or stone anchoring)
  • U shaped straps (masonry crimps). 
  • There are also stone anchors for attaching Terra Cotta units to the parent structure. 
  • Both 3/8” and ½” stainless steel J-bolts and Eye-bolts with nut and washer are in stock. CTP manufactures the J-Bolts and Eye-bolts with common thread sizes and provides the longest possible thread length for each length of anchor available. The added threading provides a more versatile and adaptable anchoring solution.

All stocked stone anchors are 1/8” thick and packaged in a convenient stock keeping quantity ready for same day shipment anywhere in the United State. 

Other size and type stone anchors are available upon request.



Custom Stone Anchor

Let our Technical staff help with custom stone anchors