CTP-16 Features and Benefits


Feature 1: Benefit 1:
The tie system provides great strength performance at MAXIMUM tie eccentricity (worse case). 
Ultimate Tension = 450 lbs; 
Ultimate compression = 600 lbs with a 4”cavity plate of applied loading
Allows for greater tie spacing and as a result, creates fewer breeches in the air barrier system
Feature 2: Benefit 2:
 Assembly stiffness is greater than 6300 lbs/in in tension and 13,800 lbs/in in compression The veneer wall deflection under load will be minimal, which lessens the likely hood of cracking and the resultant moisture migration through the crack 
Feature 3: Benefit 3:
 The veneer tie system is designed for positive single connection to back-up building structures with mechanical fasteners. The use of a single tek screw with 16 gauge metal stud back up, or the use of a single CTP  brass masonry fastener for concrete or masonry back-up; or the use of a single 1/4” lag for wood stud back up creates fewer penetrations through the air barrier system 
Feature 4: Benefit 4:
Large bearing area. The CTP-16 Base Plate is 1”x 2”which provides a solid contact area.  Optimum bearing area is created and keeps sheathing stress below 67 psi at 50 psf applied loading and maximum spacing. 
Feature 5: Benefit 5:
CTP WT-Tie can be used within seismic designated areas or non-seismic areas without clips, tabs, or add-ons. It is produced from 3/16”diameter wire manufactured of carbon steel or stainless steel  The CTP WT design simply engages with veneer reinforcement for added ductility and strength in seismic events. As a basic tie it creates an interlock with the mortar as a result of its design. Installs quickly and is safe to handle 
Feature 6: Benefit 6:
Base plate and tie combination offer significant adjustability.
Vertical adjustability = 1-1/2” 
Horizontal movement = +/- 1/2”
Provides installation ease and it accommodates for the thermal and seismic movement of the veneer. The tie system provides great strength performance at MAXIMUM tie eccentricity (worse case). 
Feature 7: Benefit 7:
Tie cannot disengage
Complies with ASCE5/ACI 530/TMS 402 requirements 
Feature 8: Benefit 8:
 Product features no sharp corners Minimizes personal safety risk. 
Feature 9: Benefit 9:
 Base plate assembly is mounted vertically to the stud system. Eliminates mortar build up on the plate which creates a moisture bridge to the back-up, installs easily and aligns with insulation board. Spray foam applications do not plug the slot or sag about the plates projection. 
Feature 10: Benefit 10:
Multi-Functional Tie  Can be used with or without veneer reinforcement.