Facade Tie Bracket

Concealed connections for your facade
from your building's structural frame

Performance Data

Façade-Tie bracket (Standard SS or MG) Tension/Compression = 460lbs ultimate

Façade-Tie bracket (Heavy Duty) Tension/Compression = 600lbs ultimate

Stitch –Tie 8mm Tension/Compression = 600 lbs ultimate (2-3” embedment, brick or mortar joint)

Stitch –Tie 10mm Tension/Compression = 700 lbs ultimate (2-3” embedment, brick or mortar joint)

SBRA mechanical anchor Tension/Compression = 800lbs (2” embedment, brick or mortar joint)


Use where there is a need to re-connect or add ties to an existing façade from an interior wood or steel stud.Regardless of parent structure material and size, the CTP Façade-Tie Bracket easily adapts by connecting it to either the CTP Grip-Tie or veneer anchoring systems.

The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket system is installed from the interior of the structure. It is an alternative to existing veneer re-anchoring methods which involve exterior hole drilling, mortar patch matching, and costly scaffolding expense.   The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket is ideally suited for reconnecting the exterior masonry skin from the interior structure during remodeling, build-outs, or basic building renovation.

The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket is a façade re-anchoring system and economical solution to fortify and stiffen existing veneers from the parent structure.   It is easy to install and operates via mechanical connections.   The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket is manufactured of corrosion resistant materials for long term durability. As an example, Type 304 stainless steel is an excellent selection for timber connections; whereas the hot dipped galvanized bracket is suitable for galvanized steel studs.   It can be attached to the interior structure via dual screw fasteners manufactured of compatible materials that transfer veneer live loading to the building via shear, This reliable load transfer is as a result of the brackets split plate interface connection.

Façades built of brick, stone, block, precast, etc. can be re-attached from the interior of the structure affordably and without exterior marks.   The interior re-connection process eliminates the need for exterior scaffolding.   It also keeps the outer surface of the veneer from being compromised by drilled holes and creating aesthetic concerns.   The basic intent of the CTP Façade-Tie Bracket assembly is to replicate or supplement the tie integrity of an existing veneer anchoring scenario.

  • Concealed Connections
  • Easy to Install
  • Re-connects existing facade from interior wood or steel studs
  • Resists veneer out-of-plane forces
  • Provides veneer in-plane movement
  • No exterior holes to patch
  • No exterior scaffolding required

The veneer to bracket connection can be accomplished by either the CTP Stitch-Tie or CTP Grip-Tie anchoring systems.   Both are proven masonry anchoring systems that provide installation adjustability, added veneer stiffness, and substantial tension/compression load resistant qualities.   The selection of the anchoring type is a function of performance and installation conditions which may be challenged by the integrity of the free standing façade or interior space limitations.   Note that either anchor is manufactured of stainless steel and/or brass components for long term performance expectations and a quality installation.