Flashing Clips

Clip It; Don't Wedge It!

The new CTP Metal Flashing Clip is a stainless steel fixing designed to secure metal flashing (lead, copper, etc.) into open joints in masonry. This is excellent for step flashing retention for chimney repairs. This eliminates the time consuming need to wedge wood blocks or create rigged retention method.

The quality of the clip and method of installation will improve the way of securing the flashing as well as speed up the overall process. The clip will minimize fish mouths in the flashing and will speed the point process. The clip will even remain firmly in place if the masonry joints later show signs of decay.



1. Inserting of the clip by means of the setting tool.

2. Complete installation of the clip into the standard brick joint.

     The clip has undergone a series of tests including accelerated corrosion and pullout. The design ensures no maintenance and it will remain in place for many years to come.

• Economical
• Simple to install
• Test show no corrosion
• No special training required
• Quality of installation improved
• Clean, neat, easily pointed over
• Manufactured of high quality stainless steel
• Time spent installing flashing greatly reduced
• Stronger and safer then conventional “wedging” methods
• Will not fall out due to thermal or structural movement