Grip-Tie Product Line

Product Line Description

Typically, masonry façades are intended to resist wind loads.   In lieu of tear down or replacement, an existing masonry or terra cotta façade can be fortified by addition of mechanical ties or anchors.

The CTP Grip-Tie anchors provide additional façade stability, which may be needed fulfill a myriad of requirements. The CTP Grip-Tie selection process evolves by evaluating the type of anchors one can use to satisfy the repair (compatibility) and strengthening criteria. Also, one cannot ignore the means and methods of installation, which can also influence the remedial anchor choice.

Post installed CTP Grip-Tie repair anchors are available to accomplish the task.   When dealing with a repair situation, the as built material quality and current building conditions are often unknown.   It is therefore not uncommon that installation criteria and performance qualification be obtained via field tests in order to confirm design assumptions.   The CTP Grip-Tie mechanical repair anchors consist of a dual expansion anchor for a mechanical connection that grips the back-up and veneer which is then bridged with an anchor rod. The CTP Grip-Tie anchor creates formidable gripping strength to the base material to which it is attached. The anchor does not draw walls together, thereby eliminating additional tension stresses between wythes of material.

The back-up material can be concrete, metal stud, wood stud, CMU (hollow or grouted), structural steel, or brick.  The veneer can be brick, stone, or precast. The CTP Grip-Tie anchor assembly is manufactured from corrosion  resistant materials which will contribute to the façade's long term durability and design life. The CTP Grip-Tie  anchorage system has been designed to accommodate easy installation via hand tools or power tools.  Combining the strength, generous spacing, and affordable installationtechnique, the CTP Grip-Tie mechanical  repair anchor product line is a value reward choice for façade re-anchoring.


CTP Grip-Tie Selection Guide

The following application descriptions will provide a quick CTP Grip-Tie Repair Anchor Guideline when   determining the appropriate series tie for veneers greater than 3"thick:

The solid back-up conditions - refer to the CTP 5000 or CTP 5000R Series Anchors

The hollow back-up conditions - refer to the CTP 5100 Series Anchors

The structural steel back-up conditions - refer to the CTP 5200 Series Anchors

The stud (wood or steel) back-up conditions - refer to the CTP 5300 or 5300R Series Anchors


 Anchor Spacing

It is recommended to first check with local building codes for spacing condition requirements for proper masonry tie spacing. Typically, the CTP Grip-Tie is spaced at one tie per four square feet of veneer for masonry or concrete back-up conditions exist. For metal or wood stud back-up, a 16" horizontal by 24" vertical is common spacing. Consult with local design professionals to establish wind load criteria for all scenarios.



Each construction site is unique and the appropriate use of this product is the responsibility of the engineers, architects, and other professionals who are familiar with the specific requirements of the project.   The data reflects results of lab, field and in-house tests and are provided as a guideline for the designer.   Site testing is encouraged for verification of load capacity.