MAD 2000

CTP Masonry Alignment Device-2000

Masonry alignment device the provides collateral wall stability and longitudinal freedom for expansion movement.

The CTP MAD-2000 allows for expansion of clay masonry andshrinkage of concrete or concrete masonry. It is also adaptablefor connection to steel framing. It is a great solution for bridgingvertical expansion joints and provides collateral stability ofadjoining walls while providing longitudinal freedom for expansionmovement. It is easy to install and creates an effective way to keep adjoining masonry walls from disconnecting. Whenconstructing the masonry wall, the sleeves are completelyembedded in the mortar of the bed joint or the grout of filledCMU. The sleeve design allows for the mortar to key throughthe specific manufactured openings. The keying action and thecomplete bedding of the sleeves make for a solid connection tothe masonry. Two steel wire connecting rods are factory assembledwithin the sleeves and spaced with flexible plastic tubing to allow formovement via a telescoping action. The flexible plastic tubinginsures that expansion can take place by properly spacingsleeves and preventing mortar build up during construction. TheCTP MAD-2000 sleeves can be embedded in masonry bed jointsor fastened to existing construction. The CTP MAD-2000 doesnot require site fabrication of sleeves. It can be added to existingwalls if expansion joints are required. It also does not require sashgrooves to transfer load.