Masonry Construction Products

Masonry buildings with brick veneers can be constructed with masonry, concrete, or stud back-up. 

CTP provides strong wall ties.  The base plate can utilize a single screw fastener from metal stud and timber connections and is manufactured in sizes to bridge various insulation thicknesses.  Spacing of the ties is recognized at the maximum permissible by code.  The complete assembly is available in hot dip galvanized or stainless steel finishes and utilizes a multi-functional tie design.  

The CT-16 is a veneer anchoring system that helps keep the air barrier intact and the veneer in place. It is an adjustable plate and wire tie assembly with extraordinary stiffness and capacity, and can be attached with a single self drilling self tapping screw connection. The plate is available in hot dip galvanized or stainless steel finishes.

The CT-516 veneer anchoring system is a complete tie and connector assembly used for veneers on existing masonry or concrete surfaces. The 3/8” fastener connects to all masonry and concrete structures and attaches the CT-16 to the back-up structure.

The WT-Tie is a multifunctional wall tie that can be used for seismic veneer applications or typical wall tie situations. It’s unique design accommodates horizontal veneer reinforcement and engages the reinforcement with the tie. The tie is available in hot dip galvanized or stainless steel finishes.

An effective Weep system should be placed immediately above the wall flashing to permit water to exit the wall. The wick and tube weep method spaced at 16” on center is an effective way to drain the water from the cavity.

Brick/Stone Veneer to Metal/Wood Stud


Stabilize  brick veneers with certainty and security


Brick/Stone Veneer to Masonry

Help to keep the air barrier in tact and the veneer in place.


Stone Anchors

Use in new construction or restoration projects.  CTP packages stone anchors in a unique fashion for your convenience.




CTP metal flashing clip is a stainless steel fixing designed to secure metal flashing (lead, copper, etc.) to open joints in masonry. 

Moisture Control

CTP Weepicks wick moisture out of building cavities.

Custom Design

 Allow our Engineer to design and manufacture your unique application.