By installing this anchorage at the expansion joint of continuous adjoining walls, or bridging the crack and expansion joint location of the existing walls, the vertical rotation of the two walls is restricted.  

Also, by field bending the CTP MAD-2000 just 90degrees, fastening a leg to a perpendicular abutment and then embedding the remaining portion in the bed joint of an intersecting wall, provides lateral movement of the intersecting walls.  The anchor assemblies are spaced at 16" to 24" centers vetically at the adjoining walls.  

The CTP MAD-2000 anchorage is designed principally to resist shear forces between in-plane masonry wythes created by wind loads on the masonry surface.  The anchor system consists of two specially designed steel sleeves which are placed in a collinear bed joint of adjoining walls.  Each sleeve is bedded in mortar for a solid connection in the opposing masonry wythes.  Thereby the assembly bridges the gap or joint between the walls.