Insulation Retainer Plate Installation

  • Install the appropriate size CTP-16 base plate per plans and specifications.
    CTP-16 base plate size should be equal to or greater then the plannedinsulation thickness to be installed.(i.e.: 1-1/2” insulation select the CTP-16-2 plate)
  •  Select CTP Insulation Retainer Plate with a compatible finish.(SS ties = SS plate)
  •  One CTP Insulation Retainer Plate is required per each CTP-16 base plate. 
  • Install insulation by pressing insulation board or material over extendedCTP-16 base plate projection until the CTP-16 base plate projects throughthe board. (TIP: Pointed trowel blade passed through the insulation at platelocations speeds installation process)
    Insulation board thickness combinations are acceptable when using theCTP Insulation Retainer Plate. Total build up insulation thickness mustnot be greater then the CTP-16 base plate. 
  • Firmly grip CTP Insulation Retainer Plate with ribs and raised slot facedtoward the exterior wall.
  • Align the slot of the CTP Insulation Retainer Plate with the projected CTP-16anchor and firmly push the plate on the CTP-16 base plate extension byhand until contact is made with the insulation.
  •  Advance the CTP Insulation Retainer Plate to the insulation until theinsulation board is firmly compressed by the CTP Insulation Retainer Plate.
  •  Single installation complete; follow same process for the remaining CTP-16base plates.