In the event the back-up is a multi-wythe wall, wood back-up, steel stud, concrete back-up, block back-up, or tile back-up, replacement ties are available to add wall stiffness and re-anchor the masonry façade. Stone retrofit anchors are also capable to re-anchor granite, limestone, marble, travertine, and other stone materials to various back-up materials. Helical anchors, mechanical anchors, and mechanical stone anchors accomplish a façade stabilization process.  

** All of the applications mentioned above (and products below) can be utilized for seismic or high-wind(hurricane) stabilization. 


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Mechanical Re-anchoring

CTP Grip-Tie



Re-attach existing brick veneers with certainty and security.


Helical Reanchoring

CTP Stitch Tie

Pinning solution for re-anchoring existing 


Stone Panel Reanchoring


Reattach existing stone and precast panels without removal or resetting

Rebricking Masonry/Concrete



A brick veneer anchor for steel stud, wood stud, masonry or concrete construction

Stone Anchors

CTP Stone Anchors

Stone anchor applications may be used for restoration or new construction. CTP packages the stone anchors in a unique and practical application.


Veneer Reanchoring from Interior


Re-attach framing to existing veneer due to fire damage, mold, or termites.


Flashing Clips

CTP Flashing Clip

CTP Metal Flashing Clip is a stainless steel fixing designed to secure metal flashing (lead, copper, etc.) into open joints in masonry.


Moisture Control

CTP Weepicks

Absorb cavity moisture for egrees thru the weep tube to the building exterior.

Custom Design

Let our Engineering Staff design and manufacture a solution to a unique application.