Stone-Grip Tie Product Line

Product Line Description


Stone and precast panel veneers may become unstable and possibly life threatening in the event of a connection failure. This failure can be the result of inadequate ties when build; existing material or anchor quality issues;
the rusting or oxidation of existing anchors;or the delaminating of composite panels. A re-anchoring solution is possible using retro-fit anchors that would preclude the removal and resetting of the panel. The functional and performance characteristics of various retro-fit anchors must be capable of fulfilling typical anchorage expectations. The CTP Stone-Grip Tie product line offers those solutions.

Regardless of the panel type on the building envelope, it is subjected to two types of forces :Dead Loads – induced by gravity, and Live Loads – resulting commonly from wind and other external forces. Retro-fit anchors may be required to “Support” dead loads and/or “Resist” live loads. Their selection depends on assessing the qualitative and quantitative characteristics they provide.

CTP Stone-Grip Ties are the solution for re-anchoring unstable dimensional stone and precast panel facades. The anchors provide a positive means to re-anchor to the parent structure. The anchors are manufactured of corrosion resistant materials for ultimate long term performance and dependability. The functional and performance characteristics of the various ties are capable of fulfilling typical panel anchoring expectations for “live” or “dead” loads. The anchors have been engineered to re-attach the veneer panel to back-up structures constructed of either concrete, brick, masonry, structural steel, and wood/steel stud materials without the costly removal and resetting of the panels. The retro-fit connections can be concealed with like material Dutchmen or plugs, or it can be aesthetically exposed to create a new look for the building. The CTP Stone-Grip Tie product line provides cost effective solutions to removing and replacing existing stone and precast panel veneers.

Basic Applications

Use where there is a need to re-attach existing stone and precast veneers that require additional restraint, or support, to resist live and dead loads. CTP Stone-Grip Ties can accommodate bilateral live load resistance, uni-directional forces, support loading, and combinations of all types. The back up material will determine the style of anchorage required.


Each construction site is unique and the appropriate use of this product is the responsibility of the engineers, architects, and other professionals who are familiar with the specific requirements of the project. The data reflects results of lab, field and in-house tests and are provided as a guideline for the designer. Site testing is encouraged for verification of load capacity.